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The courses are held in my studio in the wonderful spa Lenggries in the Bavarian Alps.
The village lies  in the Isar valley, a few miles (kilometers) south of Bad Tölz, or about 35 mi (55 km) past Munich. Distance to the beautiful "Tegernsee Lake": About 14 mi (20 km), and about 26 mi (40 km) to Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
Here you find all information about Lenggries:  Lenggries Info  If you want, I can help you finding a hotel in Lenggries or its surrounds.

Porcelain Painting School Marlen Sohr
Brauneckstrasse 13
D-83661 Lenggries
Tel. +49 (0) 8042-4142
Email :  marlen@porzellanmalerschule.de
Map of the area  (can also be printed)


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